Since becoming an Online Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur, I have come across various resources which have made a huge difference to me.

On this page I share the ones that I wouldn’t be without.  (These are affiliate links so I may make a small commission if you purchase through my website, however, rest assured that I only recommend programs I highly value and which work for me.)



“Email marketing continues to be one of the best marketing options for a positive return on your investment.”

After trying out a couple of the more well known autoresponders, I still wasn’t satisfied, so I did some extensive research and found ActiveCampaign.  Not only do I find this platform much easier to use, easily creating attractive emails, but it offers a lot more sophistication and features which the others didn’t.  I also love the excellent customer service and affordable pricing! Click on the banner above to get a Free Trial and see if it’s a good fit for you.




Simpleology users often report getting done in just two hours what normally takes them a full day or even a week.”

I found out about this productivity program through my mentor, Misha Wilson.  I remember him telling us about the HIME method, which stands for High Impact, Minimal Effort. I was fascinated and desperately in need of some time management and organization in my day.  Within the first day of signing up I noticed immediate results!  I honestly can’t praise this system enough.  It definitely works for me, taking me from overwhelmed to super productive. Click the banner above to get a Free Trail.