Why We Got Started with Online Marketing

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Every now and then, you get the chance to meet face to face with a fellow Online Entrepreneur who you’re used to working closely with in the virtual world.

Karen Richardson came to visit me so we could have some real, one on one time, actually in the same room!  The result was a lovely day of chatting which began in the kitchen…

We met for the first time in the summer of June 2015 and hit it off right away.  Initially, our online business journey was very slow but, just a few months ago, became a whirlwind of exciting activity when we both found a new Affiliate Marketing company and hopped on board.

In this, the first of a series of informal chats, we answer the question about why we got started with Online Marketing in the first place.



Watch Part 2 here.

To our mutual success!


P.S. I wholeheartedly recommend this business system which propelled both Karen and myself to success in a relatively short amount of time. 


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